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About Us

Bouncing Brick Designs® is a small business founded by two life-long friends, Adam and Adam. Yes, it can be very confusing running a business where both founders have the same first name! We met while growing up in central New Jersey. We then catapulted off into adulthood. While our paths ricocheted all over the country, we eventually both ended up back in New Jersey - grown-ups with families and grown-up obligations.

Our friendship remained strong. One day we decided to start a business together. If anything could test our friendship, starting a business would, right? Drum roll....well, years later, our friendship is stronger than ever, our business has grown and we genuinely love our customers and the products we make.


In short, we design unique gift products with fun and vibrant designs. We then offer personalization so that each product is made to order. Your custom mug, blanket, towel or tote bag is not sitting on a shelf collecting dust before you place an order. Rather, it is made to order, safely packaged up, and then shipped off to you or to your recipient. You won’t find our products anywhere else (if you do, please tell our lawyers!) as we are the only sellers of the products in our collections.

You may be thinking, what does Bouncing Brick Designs mean? Well, the name certainly has a degree of levity to it. We mean to highlight that, while life doesn’t always go as one expects, sometimes you can find a gem where you don’t expect. Our goal is to supply those gems so that your friends or loved ones can receive a gift that is a bit different from all the rest - though we obviously have no rule against buying our products for yourself!


We love to hear how a personalized blanket, mug or other gift made a relative smile ear to ear or shed (hopefully happy) tears.

We started off just selling personalized mugs and, to this day, we think about how many people start their day with a cup of coffee or tea in a Bouncing Brick Designs mug. Spreading joy fulfills us and we are honored to do what we do.

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